Pegasus Test Prep was launched in March 2018 to satisfy a growing demand for expert, one-on-one admissions exam tutoring in the greater Dallas area. Our team of experienced instructors sets us apart from the rest.

Our Mission

We know admissions exams are the gateways to some of life's greatest opportunities. The mission of Pegasus Test Prep is to equip and motivate our students to unlock these opportunities by testing at their fullest potential.

Our Approach

Every student is unique. While other companies might advertise "personalized learning," Pegasus Test Prep offers true individual attention from the moment you reach out to us until the day of the exam. We are a boutique service specializing in one-on-one relationships, and our instructors teach with a deep understanding of your student's needs as well as each exam's specific challenges.

At Pegasus, we lead our students to significant gains through a combination of expert instruction, targeted practice, and data-driven reflection.

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Expert Instruction

Our instructors provide engaging lessons, tailoring each session to your student's strengths and weaknesses. Armed with deep content knowledge, our instructors make learning stick. Each student has a personalized tutoring plan guiding instruction.

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Targeted Practice

Using what they have learned from our instructors, students will repeatedly practice core concepts, ultimately gaining mastery. In addition, full-length practice exams are offered every weekend, allowing students to build up testing stamina.

Pegasus Test Prep Dallas Data-Driven Reflection.png

Data-Driven Reflection

True learning occurs when students take ownership of their progress. By encouraging students to use real-time data to reflect on their individual strengths and weaknesses, we push them to become more informed and motivated learners.

We aren’t a mass-market tutoring agency, and we don’t intend to be. We utilize a customizable, data-driven curriculum and deliberately narrow our scope: Our expert instructors teach only three exams, and we teach them incredibly well.
— Austin Rogers, Founder