Terms of Service


Our Promise

commitment to excellence

Pegasus Test Prep aims to provide world-class instruction and expert exam coaching to all of our students. By delivering personalized learning and building relationships, we work to ensure that each student tests at his or her fullest potential. We put student achievement at the forefront of every decision we make because we understand that an exam can be either a gateway or a barrier to greater opportunities. 


Our Expectations

Pegasus Test Prep respectfully asks all of our clients to agree to the following conditions:

Credit card on file

Prior to assigning your student an instructor, we require a valid credit card number on file as reasonable assurance of future payment.

Monthly invoicing - 1st of the month

We will email you an itemized invoice on the first of each month. The invoiced charges will be based on your quoted hourly rate and the total number of hours your student was tutored in the previous month.

Payment Terms - 7 Days

Within one week of receiving your monthly invoice, please remit payment by check, credit card, or bank transfer. Please make checks payable to "Pegasus Test Prep, LLC" and mail to:

Pegasus Test Prep

PO Box 195171

Dallas, TX 75219

We also accept all major credit cards.

Automatic billing + Late payment fee

If your invoiced total is not paid in full by the eighth of the month, we will charge any unpaid amount - plus a $50 late fee - to your credit card on file. If this credit card payment is declined, we reserve the right to immediately cancel services and demand payment of any amount in arrears.

By accepting our services, you authorize Pegasus Test Prep to charge your credit card in accordance with these terms.

20-Mile service radius - Distance bonus

If a student's preferred meeting location is more than 20 miles from the intersection of Mockingbird Lane and Preston Road (Dallas, Texas), we charge a $25 distance bonus per session to reimburse our instructors for time and travel expense.

appointment duration - 2-hour minimum 

All tutoring appointments have a mandatory two-hour minimum session length. Exceptions may be made for students with documented learning or processing disorders. Please let us know if you think your student would benefit from shorter session lengths.

appointment Cancellation policy - 24-hOUR notice 

As a professional courtesy, we ask that you cancel tutoring appointments at least 24 hours in advance of a session's start time. You will owe payment in full for any cancellation - including no-shows - made by either you or your student within 24 hours of a session's scheduled start. Fees arising from a good-faith cancellation may be waived solely at the discretion of Pegasus Test Prep directors and only for exceptional circumstances. 

Termination of services

Subject to the above cancellation policy, you may cancel services at any time. Because we collect payment only for services previously rendered, in the event of cancellation, no refund will be issued. Rather, we will invoice you for all unpaid fees through the date of termination. We reserve the right to unilaterally terminate services at any time.